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24: TV’s Greatest Addictive Action Series


A Dose Of Adrenaline Entertainment. And A Possible Reboot.

Subject to opinion, 24 is perhaps the greatest action television show ever made. Kiefer Sutherland, who plays CTU agent Jack Bauer, starred in this Emmy and Golden Globe award winning show which concluded its television run of nine seasons and a made for TV special. It is one of the longest running action shows on television, with more than 200 episodes. How could a show last that long? Adrenaline Entertainment bruh.

I can never get enough of this show and I was very disappointed when it concluded. What makes this show so awesome and great? Is it because of the chilling suspense, the “on the edge of your seat” torture scenes, the brilliant cinematography, the addictive psychological aspect of it, the genius plot and its twists, the fight scenes, the explosions or the endearing patriotism to the USA that causes goosebumps? It is all that and so much more. In my opinion, Jack Bauer is one of the greatest fictional heroes of all time. Right up with Iron Man.

Who knows what the future of television will bring, in terms of programming, like 24? Well, FOX claims to be working on a reboot of the series. But, without Kiefer Sutherland. I’ll still give it a chance because the same producers are on board; but, we will have to wait and see. “DAMMN IT!” (Classic Bauer voice)


Doritos Superbowl Commercial Competition


The Final Touchdown.

The Doritos Superbowl Commercial Competition is back again for another year of amazing cash prizes and great offers. And, according to the company, it will be the last year for the contest’s ten year existence. The grand prize will be one million dollars and a Warner Bros/DC Comics movie gig. All impressive tokens for an upcoming filmmaker, in my opinion. I won’t be entering the competition but, if anyone is interested in participating, you should start gathering your cast and crew immediately. The deadline is the first week of November.