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A WIFI Creative Branding and Design Experiment


An Instagram Project.

Four years ago, I racked up quite an Instagram following, a little over 10,000. I was just a normal dude working at a normal job. I didn’t care about followers then, however, I was still consistently uploading work ranging from photos to designs to selfies. Haha! I had a reputation of being notoriously creative with photo edits on just an iPhone. I, eventually, got frustrated and deleted the account because of spammers and photo stealers.

However, as I attempt to create a new Instagram following (check me out at @nash_in_nyc if you like), I realized that creativity is so important in building a huge following that is organic. The McDonald’s WIFI design, in the above image, represented one such creative design that was posted to my original Instagram and, definitely, one aspect that was responsible for the surge in followers. I decided to create a few others recently using Illustrator and Photoshop. The above collage shows the results. Obviously, the actual company logos aren’t mine; but, the creativity behind the design is mine. It also represents my ability to think, brand and innovate creatively; as well as, bringing any design to life.

I hope you like them! Maybe, I’ll do more later. I’m also working on some minimalist movie posters. You can check out the Iron Man and Wolverine graphics in the design portfolio on the ‘Stills’ page. Thanks a lot!